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3 Ways Flipping Houses Is A Great Family Business

Have you ever been intrigued by the “flip it” culture? I have. Actually, it’s one of my favorite things to do. Being a Real Estate Broker, I engage in a lot of the same principles people use in flipping properties when I stage homes for open houses. I make sure the home looks clean and simple but warm. I’ve always wanted to participate in flipping homes. Having raised three men as a single mom, I see what they’re doing in their lives, and it came to me that flipping houses is a great family business. So here are 3 ways I’ve identified that make flipping house a great family business:

  1. Think “Simple”
    Just like staging a home, I think people who truly succeed at flipping properties are very simple thinkers. Almost minimalists. They remodel just enough for the property to feel clean and by clean I mean clean lines and spaces. I t may not take a TON of investment to flip homes if you think simply. Giving people a blank slate allows the buyer to make it personal on their own which seems to give the buyer a level of excitement that leads to a sale.
  2. Stay Current
    Every parent knows that children keep us young. They’re all about the latest trends, and that’s great when it comes to flipping properties. Flipping houses as a family allows us to take into consideration all different ages and perspectives – use it to make sure that the homes you flip offer something for everyone who may be in the household.
  3. Play to Your Strengths
    Family members are individuals who each bring their own gifts to the table. I have one son who is a contractor and has built homes from the ground up. Another son is a numbers man. He has been in the lending business and is so smart with funding that he could keep the heartbeat of the business pumping. My third son is mastering economics and law. He could spot areas that make economic sense to flip in and work the permit end of flipping. And my forte is design and sales. So, wouldn’t it be fun to develop a family business that everyone could work hard together for the benefit of the whole?!

A family that plays together stays together. Just think what a family that works together can do. Isn’t that what life is all about? The families I have observed in a family business have been highly successful and have had great respect for each other…Are not relationships best if you can lift each other up and allow the individual his or her strengths? Flipping houses can provide a great business opportunity. What do you think? I think it is time to bring families together again. Time to work hard and play hard as a unit. There is a place for everyone! Let’s flip it!