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Lora Vance had a dream. A small town Kansas farm girl, Lora found direction…West.

After graduating from Kansas State University, Lora found herself working in 4H Clubs that took her from her home town in Kansas, to Arizona, Washington State, Hilo, Hawaii and finally Orange County California. After settling on Balboa Island in 1959 and raising three children, Lora opened her Real Estate office at 324 Marine Avenue, Balboa Island, CA in 1974.

Then And Now…


The importance of the history of community.
I love this video and am grateful for permission to share it here on my website. It shows a bit of our past here on the Island, something that I think is important in makes a community great. Newport Beach was discovered by a man with vision. He stumbled upon a diamond in the rough and recognized it. If it was not for his vision, our community would not be the fun loving, family playground, progressive community that it has become today.

Newport Beach has attracted CEOs and celebrities and some of the best people from all over the world. Whether it’s been celebrities strolling the sidewalks or racing boats in the harbor, Newport Beach has always been a place where all walks of life could contribute and participate in making this magical piece of the pacific coast one of the best places on earth to call home.

Having grown up here in the 50s and 60s was very special for me. When most kids were playing baseball in the park at the end of the cul-de-sac, we were rowing our boats down the bay, digging in the sand making sandcastles (promising architects of course) and sailing off into the sunsets… It was truly a small-town mentality in that neighbors were truly neighborly. Everyone watched out for each other. I would stop at friends’ homes along the way home from school for milk and cookies, and if I was late getting home, mom would know just who to call to hurry me home. Always before the streetlights came on… People took the time to enjoy their surroundings. Be it strolling along the boardwalks, deep sea fishing, sailing the regattas in the bay, or simply playing bridge at friends’ homes while the children giggled in the next room.

There is a serenity that hangs over this community of safety, security and peacefulness that comes from the beauty that surrounds us. Today, in keeping up with the times and all the opportunities that are presented to us as a result of these times…..there is still a sense of that small-town environment, that security and peace in the mist of life… As you drive your car down Jamboree, look out at the boats in the bay and up at that sign that says Balboa Island to cross that bridge, the sensation that comes over you is a sense of awe and a thought of “Home Sweet Home.” There is no place like it on earth! As we keep progressing into the future, we have learned how important it is to bring our past with us and from time to time it is necessary to stop and smell the salt air, enjoy the beautiful flowers or simply grab a cup of coffee and blend into the community that surrounds you. Get to know your neighbor and reminisce about the past… it is after all what fuels the future!


Maintaining that small town feeling

Vance Realty Group put down roots on Balboa Island in 1974. We’ve specialized in all aspects of local real estate for over 43 years. Our mission is to welcome new neighbors to our little paradise where wonderful memories are made and treasured year after year.
As you can see from the map above, our offices are on the main street, 324 Marine Avenue, and we’re surrounded by beach and boardwalks. We know our Island and its surroundings and have succeeded in finding just the right home for buyers who want to live their best lives here just a mile from the beautiful Pacific Ocean and just a one-hour boat ride to Catalina Island. Balboa Island is the best of live, work, and play: It’s why we’ve chosen it to be our home and why we treat all of our clients like family. Let us help you find exactly what you’re looking for.