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Christine Hehir

Christine Hehir

I was born in Rock Island, IL, then spent 4-1/2 years in Australia.

My home now is in Newport Beach.

I've been in the real estate business for 35 years.

The rental/vacation industry was recommended to me by a friend who owned a booming business on the peninsula and needed some help. For ten years, I worked on the peninsula and dealt with every type of rental issue imaginable.

I transfered to Balboa Island, working for Aegir Properties for five years.The owner then retired, and I bought the business. Unfortunately, I couldn't keep the location, so I moved to Beach Time Realty and brought my clientele with me. I excelled at sales and managed rentals, both long and short term. After another five years, the owners of Beach Time retired. I wanted to stay on the Island, and chose to join Marlys and her team at Lora Vance Realty.

Lora Vance Realty has been in business for nearly 40 years, and I knew that Marlys provided the knowledge and business acumen that I was looking for in a broker. In addition, the areas with which I am most familiar include those that are a perfect fit with Vance Realty: Balboa Island, the peninsula, Newport Beach (esp. Dover Shores) and Costa Mesa.

I believe I complement the Vance team with my vast experience in working with people but also in being empathetic to their needs. I believe there are three things needed for buying a home: location, suitability for a particular family, and the "feel" of a house.There is usually a connection that is established with a property that matches your client's needs. Prices can always be negotiated.but if the "fit" isn't right, I work with clients to move on to something better.

I pride myself on being honest and sincere, and I see life always as half full with the anticipation of filling my glass to the brim! I look forward to working with you!