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We have a great team here at Lora Vance Realty.  We are committed to customer satisfaction, we, provide high-quality personalized service in today’s challenging and ever-changing market.

Christine Hehir
We are delighted to have Christine join our team as of August 1, 2014. Christine has been working in the rental industry since 1990. She has worked with top Real Estate companies such as Bur White Realty, Aegir Properties and Beach Time Realty. When Beach Time decided to close their doors in 2014, Christine decided to bring her clients and join Lora Vance Realty. Christine’s clients are extremely happy with her performance and her ability to manage people and properties. After all these years in the management industry, you really get to know personality types which makes it nicer when matching people to properties.


Mary Martin
Mary has been with Lora Vance Realtor since 2007. Mary started in our office transferring our Property Management accounting system from being manually reconciled to being performed on the computer. After having worked with our company for 3 years, Mary found that she really enjoyed working with our clients and servicing our properties in every aspect so decided to study the business and acquired her Real Estate license in 2010. Now a fully licensed Real Estate agent, Mary has accomplished the full gamut of our business. Mary always gives that little bit extra to her clients.


Russell Vasterling
The Grandson of Lora Vance, Russell decided to continue the family tradition. Being the third generation now in our office he brings experience and progressive thinking with him as well as tons of respect for his clients. When told he over dresses for the office he replied “I figured that the people I am working with had to put a suit and tie on to get to where they are today and so I respect that and feel that I should pay my dues out of respect for them”. Russell learned the business from the mortgage side of the industry while living on the East Coast. He decided to get his Real Estate License in 2013 and has brought so much integrity to the office.


Anthony Porter
Anthony has been a licensed Real Estate agent since 2000. After having worked in the exterminating business for 25 years, in addition to having worked on homes all over Orange County, it was only natural for him to acquire a fascination for Real Estate. Anthony knows, first hand, Orange County Real Estate inside and out and is more than happy to help you discover the same. Orange County is such a diverse community that it is truly a blessing to have an expert in this field!