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Why Choose A Real Estate Broker? 3 Money-Saving Reasons

The Internet makes everything so much easier. That’s true especially when searching for your new home. So many online real estate sites – Redfin, Realtor, Trulia, Purple Bricks, ForSaleByOwner and more – let you tour properties and research communities on your laptop while at home eating breakfast still wearing your pajamas.

I get it. I even do it myself.

But I also get why it’s so important to choose a real estate broker who’s NOT just a robot.

WHY CHOOSE A REAL ESTATE BROKER? I’ll give you my top 3 money-saving reasons:

  1. Negotiating Power & Protection

    When you represent yourself, you lose power and protection. Whether it’s your first home or one that you grow into, buying the home you are going to live in is an emotional decision. Emotions are never a good place to start negotiations. There are many unknowns when you begin this process, emotions can lead you into taking on more than you can handle or losing sight of the end goal, the purchase of your home. Start out in a position of power and protection by choosing a real estate agent that has experience in being your best advocate. Choose a Real Estate Broker that will protect you and have your best interests in mind while remaining focused on finding out what your most educated and beneficial position is for the purchase. Or perhaps what is preventing you from purchasing and helping you to find a way to work it out.

    Choose a Real Estate broker who knows the area that you’re interested in: The direction that the City is going in; the developments coming or the building requirements for individual remodels; the schools you send your children to and the activities that the area offers; the safety, security and history of the home’s location.

  2. Accountability & Liability

    Online agents as opposed to real estate brokers are compensated differently. Expectations for each are very different as well. Real estate brokers on commission are held accountable to the transaction. They have just as much skin in the game as you do, unlike an online agent with a faceless organization to fall back on. So many online property images are doctored. Having a trusted partner such as your real estate broker to ensure that what you see is what you get is priceless.

  3. Insider Access to Hidden Listings
    A lot of properties don’t even make it to the Internet. They’re kept hidden from public view and only accessible to those “in the know” – in this case, your Real Estate Broker.

Before deciding to go it alone or to do it all online on your own, ask yourself these questions:

    ✔ Do you have time to plan out what is the best way to buy or sell a house?
    ✔ Are you able to negotiate on your own behalf?
    ✔ Do you trust your online source?
    ✔ Who takes responsibility if something goes wrong?
    ✔ Are you sure you’re not missing out on the home of your dreams because it’s not publicly accessible?
    ✔ How much are you saving now that you may end up paying for ten-fold later?

As someone who’s built her business on trust and word-of-mouth referrals, and who’s been in business for decades, having seen the Real Estate Industry in all its ups and downs, you need to choose a real estate broker who’s got your back. Doing your research online is great, but when it comes to actually starting the process of securing properties for potential purchase, choose a real estate broker who is a responsible, seasoned, and well-versed source! I promise, doing so will save you more much more than it costs!